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Serge ROH - Cave Les Ruinettes


My father Marc began to make wine from his own grapes back in 1950. From year to year he expanded his cellar as well as his vineyards.

Today, the six hectares that make up our own production are planted as follows:

  • Pinot Noir : 40%
  • Gamay: 20%
  • Chasselas: 20%
  • Specialty varietals: 20%

The white varietals ripen on the slope with full southern exposure. These terraced vineyards are made up of glacial moraine and crumbled slate. The slopes of Vétroz benefit from an optimal topography that merits them the distinction "première zone", or first growth. The red varietals are concentrated on the plain, where the soil is composed largely of large pebbles and alluvial deposits.

As to myself, I first studied at the school of Viticulture and Enology in Changins, where I went on to earn the Federal Master's Degree in Viticulture, before taking over management of the family business. I apply the guidelines for "Integrated Production" on the entire property, which means: less fertilizer and less pesticide in order to reach greater harmony with nature.

We make two wines within the appellation "Grands Crus de Vétroz": the Fendant and the Amigne. These two varietals grow on the best plots in Vétroz. As I see it, the appellation Grand Cru represents recognition of many years of effort to obtain wines truly of the highest quality.

On this page you'll find a photograph of a bunch of Amigne grapes taken at the beginning of December. When allowed to ripen this long on the vine the Amigne can reach spectrometer readings of 135º to 150º, producing a liquorous wine of great complexity.

Cave Les Ruinettes
Serge ROH
10, route de Conthey
1963 Vétroz
Telephone : +41 (0) 79 232 18 60
Fax: : +41 (0) 27 346 50 53
E-mail : serge.roh @ bluewin.ch
Internet : http://www.vins-roh.com/
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